I'm not trying to offend you, I'm sorry. I guess it's just me but I don't care for race, people are people


You don’t get to say that. You don’t get to say “people are people” when Black people are intentionally being killed for being Black— people clearly aren’t people. People aren’t “people” when a white felon can more easily get a job than a Black person who has never committed a crime. You don’t get to pretend you live in an alternate reality in which the construct of race doesn’t exist because it does. It doesn’t help anyone for you to pretend that race doesn’t exist and “people are just people”. Psychologists link that thinking to people being racists because it shows that you’d rather ignore reality than realize that people are oppressed for their races and it shows you don’t know how to empathize.


Why is it that removing race makes white people feel so comfortable.

You should be insulted that your racism is so deep you need to remove a person’s heritage to see them as a person. You need to change the context of events just to understand them. How do you have the nerve to call yourself enlightened when in order to see the picture you have to blur the whole image.

Get out of here lol!

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Was anyone else a little bit disappointed that the kick ass Lady Counsel Member turned out to be Natasha? Still love Natasha, but for a few glorious seconds, it was awesome to see an older woman come out of nowhere to kick ass.



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Laverne Cox and her mother on stage at the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards.

Laverne was honored with this year’s Stephen F. Kolzak Award, which is given to an openly LGBT member of the entertainment or media community for his or her work toward eliminating discrimination against the LGBT community. Previous winners include Ellen DeGeneres, Chaz Bono and Wanda Sykes.

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Pharrell Sobs Tears Of Joy While Watching The World Dance To ‘Happy’ - Video

its a wonderful song also 

Appreciation of their talent 👍


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my sweet girl

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So I dyed my cats pink with leftover beet water. No regrets! <3 :D
I had to wash them because of some oil spill they had gotten into, and chose to use the beet water, which is perfectly safe. I had no idea it would really make them this pink.

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First person wrench shooting action

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Murphy Pendleton: Extreme Frycook

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This chair has seen better days

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Thank god Murphy just flushes the toilet instead of swimming a couple laps in it like James

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"Buckle up we got a long ride ahead of us" you got that right prison bus driver





I may or may not be playing downpour which may or may not have been sitting unopened on my shelf for 6 months

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I love slide stages!

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Murphy “I can’t climb over a two foot tall rock but I can climb a sheer cliff face” Pendleton

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